Shailendra Naidu



Distribution Management Systems in India track money flow between the retailer and distributor manually. OBOPAY Distribution Management System is a new age automated system with digital wallets, cards and payment enablers, which ensures hassle free distribution of goods and end-to-end money management, enabling organizations access to a sturdy distribution model for good market coverage. Also facilitating the tracking and recording of a sales persons’ activities on the field, OBOPAY DMS allows an organization to create and assign a beat / route and track the same by recording

  • The number of Visits being made to the retailer place
  • The number of orders being taken
  • Respective order values
  • Respective receivables

The salesmen are assigned targets based on various parameters such as, Number of SKUs, receivables etc. that decides that day’s incentives for them. In this process, we use a technique called Geo-fencing that nullifies any sort of location misreporting. As the day comes to an end, all the records automatically reach the EPR of the organization’s Finance team and they release the stipulated incentives to the salesmen on their respective OBOPAY cards instantaneously.

This is one of a kind system that helps to set Targets, track activities, incentivise the retailers seamlessly. This, in-turn helps the organization to motivate the sales team. OBOPAY enables a fully automated target based instant incentive plan that helps the organization track as well as motivate it’s sales team and run its operations smoothly.

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